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When you need to maximize container payloads or break down bulky items, think KOMAR.  Since 1977 Komar has manufactured the heaviest, toughest rotary auger compactors in the world.   From 10hp grocery units to 300hp speciality hazmat and nuclear shredders with nitrogen purging, KOMAR quality and workmanship is recognized worldwide.


Komar manufactures a full line of auger compactors, as well as single, twin and quad shaft shredders in both electic and hydraulic drive configurations.


NexGen Municipal focuses on supplying Komar units to municipal and industrial customers who require bulky goods volume reduction, high speed loading and maximization of payloads.   This includes plastic, wood, cable reels, OCC, furniture and other bulky goods including light metal furniture.  Komar units are equally effective handling items such as municipal solid waste, mixed industrial waste, bulkwood and single or double stream recyclables.


Komar units set the standard for reliability and simplicity of design, with only 4 major moving parts.   Their open ended auger design allows the unit to exert 12 times more force than conventional ram type compactors, while eliminating the issues of cleaning, bridging and jamming found in traditional compactor designs.


Contact us today to learn how NexGen and Komar can improve your operations.

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